Individual coaching

039O1654SimoneCoaching does not mean solving problems, but gathering information so an individual can direct themselves.

As a coach I invite you to become aware of patterns, beliefs, norms and values in your life. I challenge you to approach them from different perspectives, so they will not form an obstacle in reaching your goals. During the coaching sessions the following elements may be used: visualisations, conversations, role play, body awareness, vocal use, contemplation and mind mapping, depending on your question at that moment. A session takes approximately 1.5 hours.

Group coaching/Intervision

What is the core question in the group? What is required here and now? Important elements are safety, the art of expressing, personal responsibility and the power of being vulnerable. A session takes 1.5 to 2 hours.

Phone coaching in contact centres etc.

Employees of contact centres or call centres have to solve questions such as: how do I make real contact with my client? How can I increase client satisfaction? How can I ensure conversations don’t take too long? The answer is training and coaching on the job!


To prepare for the coaching we discuss the theory and do some role play.

Listening to recorded conversations

From practice we know that participants learn a lot from listening to themselves and receiving feedback. This form of coaching is also suitable for smaller groups, in which the participants learn to support each other.

On the job coaching

I listen in during phone conversations after which I give a short evaluation. I focus on one specific skill, which the participant should focus on which helps them to succeed more quickly. It is also possible to do this in a group. Listening in during each other’s conversations increases the learning curve.