All-round voice actor

‘Expression is everything’ S.B.

039O1560SimoneUsing your voice is an important part of communication.
One of my forms of expression is recording and singing texts and commercials. I have done this with great pleasure and passion for over twenty years. The right tone of voice is essential when connecting the product to the client or the story to the listener. The importance of the voice as part of the communication is often underestimated.

As a result of my professional theatre experience I learned a lot about text interpretation and I can quickly analyse texts. This makes me a good director of myself. This is vital as I record many texts in my home studio.

As an all-round voice actor I have recorded and sung many great projects as well as many new demos. For example, you can hear me announcing the stations on the regional trains (sprinter). I also daily record commercials, e-learnings, web videos, IVR, medical texts and audio tours, either on location or in my home studio.


You can find many of my Voice Over productions on my YouTube channel

The Voice Team

Together with my colleagues, voice actors of several nationalities I have founded a cooperation, The Voice Team,
We can help you with all your multilingual projects, recorded by well-known and experienced voice actors.
At the push of a button you will have all voices with the same sound quality and possible final production at once!

My clients

Kik(singing voice )
VVV Limburg
Grey Line
Nederlandse Spoorwegen(stem in de sprinters)
Capsule Tech
Liberation Route
Leen bakker
RCI Rotterdam
Tijdsbeeld Media
SS Rotterdam
and many other national and international clients.

Voice actor on an international market

“Responding quickly is my second nature.”

Until about twelve years ago I had to travel to studios across the Netherlands for each assignment. Together with the technician we recorded as long as was required and I got to know many studio owners and technicians personally. As a performing artist/actor I had no idea that I would become my own technician! These days, voice actors must have their own studio or one around the corner that is available for recording texts 24/7.

The market has become faster and much more international, which is quite exciting. It is quite fun to know that my voice can be heard at an airport somewhere in the Middle East, while I have never been there. Recording an e-learning for a client in Hong Kong following only email contact is quite practical. I can determine when I record my voice-over projects.

A smartphone is vital if you are a voice actor. Clients no longer call, they send emails. Responding quickly has become my second nature to ensure not missing any assignments. Luckily I still often go to studios with a director and a technician. Sometimes connecting through Skype with clients from abroad who can listen and contribute on site.
A lot of diversity for me!