My Voice

I am an experienced and versatile voice actor and Dutch is my mother tongue. My voice can be warm and inviting, yet also friendly, serious, commercial, with a sense of humour, or somewhat hoarse. As a voice actor I also record characters. You can hire me for both commercials and difficult medical texts.

As a result of my professional theatre experience I learned a lot about text interpretation and I can quickly analyse texts. This makes me a good director of myself. This is vital as I record texts on location abroad or in the Netherlands, or in my home studio. I can deliver within 24 to 48 hours in any format desired.

The rate?

I am sure we will agree on this in joint consultation!


a.o Monuta, Valdispert, Geberit, Montel, VVV Limburg, Bolderman, Sealskin, Olaz, Petra Porta


a.o Liberation route, Animals in love, Parenting Videos, Nostalgienet, Rutgerstichting, Corporate: a.o Microsoft, Basf, Capsule AV,KPN

Audio tour

a.o Rembrandhuis Amsterdam, S.S Rotterdam, Portugese Synagoge Amsterdam


a.o. announcement voice on regional trains from Dutch railways, airport announcements Cairo Airport Internet/You tube: a.o Tripadvisor, Siematic, medical sites


o.a. Doug, Tarzan, Being Ian, Noddy, Geokids, Barbapapa